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A look at the entire history of the pageant.
1956 & Miss Seafair 1956 added
Take a stroll down memory lane as we take a look at the one-time
only event: The Miss Chinatown Canada pageant in 1989.
Update:  During the Coronation Ball on February 14th, the award for Miss Congeniality was
announced.  The award went to Tiffany Au of San Gabriel. [Image credit: World Journal]

The 2014 Miss Chinatown USA pageant took place on Feb. 8 at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.
12 contestants from all over the US took part and in the end 17 year old High School student Karen Li
of Houston Texas took home the title along with winning the Miss Talent award.  Karen will be a freshman
this fall at Harvard University.  She and her court will reign over the Chinese New Year festivites
and be in the Chinese New Year parade.  Miss Chinese Seattle Ka Man Lee was named 1st Princess/
Miss Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Miss San Francisco Chinatown went to Shirley Mengying Liu of San Mateo.
  The Coronation Ball will take place later where the winner of the Miss Congeniality  award will be announced.
[Image credit: David Yu photography]
Miss Chinatown USA - Karen Li, Houston, TX  (Miss Talent)
1st Princess / Miss Chinese Chamber of Commerce - Ka Man Lee, Seattle, WA
Miss San Francisco Chinatown - Shirley Mengying Liu, San Mateo, CA
2nd Princess - Seun Seun Yim, Pasadena, CA
3rd Princess - Judy Lee, San Francisco, CA
4th Princess - Kristen Hee, San Francisco, CA 
[Left to right: 1st Runner-up Cindy Zhong, winner Grace Chan, 2nd Runner-up Lucia Lorigiano]
Jan. 26th, TV City, Hong Kong.  Favorite Grace Chan wins the 3rd crown for Hong Kong.  1st Runner-up went to Cindy Zhong of Vancouver and 2nd Runner-up was Lucia Lorigiano of Montreal who is half Italian and half Chinese.  The pageant was night full of eliminations.  Contestants were eliminated after every segment, which is a first in the pageant's history.  No special musical performance towards the end, the spotlight was solely on the contestants.
*Image credit: Tungstar
Miss Chinese International
Grace Chan, Hong Kong
1st Runner-up
Cindy Zhong, Vancouver
2nd Runner-up
Lucia Lorigiano, Montreal
Miss Chinese International - #5 Grace Chan - HONG KONG
1st Runner-up - #16 Cindy Zhong - VANCOUVER
2nd Runner-up - #9 Lucia Lorigiano - MONTREAL
------------------------Top 5-----------------------
#6 Zhiny Ooi - KUALA LUMPUR
#10 Maggie Zhang - NEW YORK
------------------------Top 6-----------------------
#8 Lydia Zhang - MELBOURNE
------------------------Top 10-----------------------
#3 Bonny Hu - FOSHAN
#12 Tiffany Du - SEATTLE
#14 Phyllis Dai - SYDNEY
#15 Mandy Liang - TORONTO
------------------------Top 14-----------------------
#1 Erica He - AUCKLAND
#2 Pemy Peramin - BANGKOK
#7 Wendy Shu - LOS ANGELES
#13 Mandi Liang - SINGAPORE (Miss Friendship)
------------------------Top 16-----------------------
#3 Jessica Ou - CHICAGO
#11 Amanda Lee - SAN FRANCISCO 
1. San Francisco - Amanda Lee  386 votes
2. Kuala Lumpur - Zhiny Ooi  358 votes
3. Montreal - Lucia Lorigiano  202 votes
4. Hong Kong - Grace Chan  124 votes
5. Los Angeles - Wendy Shu  60 votes
6. Sydney - Phyllis Dai  57 votes
7.  Bangkok -Pemy Peremin  41 votes

The 65th annual Narcissus Queen pageant was held on Saturday, January 11th at the Hawaii Theatre and in the end 24 year-old Brittany Lee was chosen as the new
Narcissus Queen.  Brittany graduated from Seattle University and is now an ultrasound sonographer.  She and her court will travel to Asia as goodwill ambassadors.
For the first time in pageant history, the Miss Photogenic award was chosen through Facebook.  The contestant with the most 'Likes', Christen Young won the award.
The coronation ball will take place on February 1st at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Coral Ballroom.
[L to R: 3rd Pr. Trisha Chong, 1st Pr. Eula Chu, Narcissus Queen Brittany Lee, 2nd Pr. Taj'a Wong, 4th Pr. Diane Qu.]
[Image courtesy of Paul Hayashi of and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii]
65th Narcissus Queen - Brittany Wei Lin Lee  (Miss Popularity)
1st Princess - Eula Mai Chu  (Miss Talent)
2nd Princess - Taj'a Ku'uleialohanani Kam Lin Wong
3rd Princess - Trisha Naomi Chong
4th Princess - Diane Simeng Qu
Miss Congeniality - Nancy Nga Sze Cheung
Miss Photogenic - Christen Bow Yung Young
2013 Miss Singapore Chinatown  新加坡華裔小姐競選
The 2013 Miss Singapore Chinatown pageant was held on Dec. 21 and in the end, 19 year-old student
Mandi Cheung walked away with the crown along with the Miss Photogenic and Beauty Ambassador awards.
1st Runner-up was Rachelle Lin and 2nd Runner-up went to Goh Yi Ling.  Mandi will represent Singapore at
Miss Chinese International 2014 in Hong Kong in January.
[Image courtesy of, Left to right: 1st ru, 2nd ru Goh Yee-Ling, Miss Singapore Chinatown Mandi Cheung, 1st ru Rachelle Lin]
2013 Miss Chinese Vancouver Results

1st runner-up Jennifer Lee

Champion Cindy Zhong
2nd runner-up Jamie Gao

The 19th annual Miss Chinese Vancouver pageant was held on December 12th at the Vancouver Convention Centre.  Fairchild TV celebrates
20 years and kicks off the show with former Miss Chinese Vancouver contestants and winners that have gone on to successful careers that started
with winning or participating in Miss Chinese Vancouver including Bernice Liu, Eliza Sam, Carat Cheung and the reigning Miss Chinese Vancouver
and Miss Chinese International Gloria Tang.  In the end, contestant #5 Cindy Zhong walked away with the crown along with 3 other awards.  Cindy
is 23 years old and stands 5'7" tall and will represent Vancouver at Miss Chinese International 2014 in Hong Kong.
Miss Chinese Vancouver 2013 - #5 Cindy Zhong
1st Runner-up - #8 Jennifer Lee
2nd Runner-up - #1 Jamie Gao

Miss Photogenic - #5 Cindy Zhong
Best Posture Award - #5 Cindy Zhong
Miss Friendship - #5 Cindy Zhong
Dazzling Flair Award - #8 Jennifer Lee
Sparkling New Star Award - #8 Jennifer Lee
Most Charming Smile Award - #1 Jamie Gao

2013 Miss Chinese Toronto Results
[Champion Mandy Liang (center) is flanked by 1st Runner-up Bonnie Chan (right) and 2nd Runner-up Whitney Lau (left)]
The 2013 Miss Chinese Toronto pageant took place on November 29 at the Greater Toronto Convention Center.   In the end, #5 Mandy Liang took 
home the crown along with the Miss Photogenic prize.  Mandy is 26 and stands 1.71 meters tall and will represent Toronto at the 2014 Miss Chinese
International pageant in Hong Kong. (Image courtesy of Miss Chinese Toronto/Fairchild TV)
Miss Chinese Toronto 2013 - #5 Mandy Liang (Miss Photogenic)
1st Runner-up - #6 Bonnie Chan
2nd Runner-up - #9 Whitney Lau (Most Talented Award, Internet Popularity Award) 
Beautiful Hair Award - #7 Sandra Huang
Miss Congeniality - #8 Claudia Cheung
Top 5 Finalists - #2 Mary Song, #7 Sandra Huang
Miss Chinese Montreal 2014
Here is another picture of Miss Chinese Montreal for 2014, Lucia Lorigiano
(Huang TingLi).  The stunning Lucia is half Italian and half Chinese and is also the sister of Miss Chinese Montreal 2008 Rosalinda.  She stands 1.72 meters tall and is a student.  Lucia can speak English, French and Chinese.  She will be one of the top contenders for the crown of Miss Chinese International 2014!
*Thanks to Susan Wilkings for the photo!
2014 Miss Los Angeles Chinatown Contestants
[3rd Princess Diana Ly, 1st Princess Everlyn Chen, Queen and Miss Photogenic Katrina Lee, 2nd Princess Dorothy Wong, 4th Princess Qian Ru (Jennifer) Jiang, and Miss Friendship, Becky Lam.]
The 2014 Miss Los Angeles Chinatown pageant took place on January 18 and the winner was  Katrina Lee.  Katrina also took the Miss Photogenic award.  She will represent LA at the 2015 Miss Chinese International pageant in Hong Kong.  The reigning Miss LA Chinatown Wendy Shu is currently in Hong Kong competing in Miss Chinese International which will take place January 26th.
*Image credit: Miss Los Angeles Chinatown

[Image courtesy of TVB Australia.  Winner Lydia Zhang is flanked by 1st R-up Helen Zhang (left) and 2nd R-up Helen Lu]
The 2013 Miss Melbourne Chinese pageant was held on Nov. 10 at the Palms Casino.  In the end, #11 Lydia Zhang came away as the
winner and will represent Melbourne at Miss Chinese International 2014 in Hong Kong.  1st Runner-up went to #10 and 2nd Runner-up was 
#5 who also bagged the Miss Photogenic and Miss Congeniality awards.
Miss Melbourne Chinese - #11 Lydia Zhang
1st Runner-up - #10 Helen Zhang
2nd Runner-up - #5 Helen Lu (Miss Photogenic, Miss Congeniality, Miss Glamorous)
Top 6 Finalists:
#2 Lavina Chan (Miss Crown Melbourne, The Most Beautiful Eyes, Miss Health Ambassador)
#3 Jessie Xu (?)
#8 Eva Liu (Miss Travel Ambassador)

Miss Popularity - #6 Samantha Li
Miss Top Gan - #12 Athena Wang
2013 Miss Friendship Ambassador Pageant (of Chicago)
The 2013 Miss Friendship Ambassador pageant took place Sunday, November 3 at the Hilton Chicago Hotel. The bi-annual pageant/fund-raiser
is organized by the Chicago Chinatown Chamber of Commerce.  10 lovely ladies competed in swimsuits, gowns and cheongsams and in the end, 
21 year-old Chicago born Jessica Ou was crowned Miss Friendship Ambassador for 2014.  She will go on to represent Chicago in the Miss Chinese
International pageant in Hong Kong in January.  The last winner (Miss Friendship Ambassador 2012) Kelly Cheung went on to win Miss Chinese
International 2012 and was also chosen to represent Hong Kong at Miss World 2012.  Can Jessica follow in Kelly's footsteps?  The 1st Runner-up
was Jennifer Zhang and will be Miss Friendship Ambassador for 2015 and will competeat Miss Chinese International 2015.
[Left to right: 1st Runner-up/Miss FA 2015 Jennifer Zhang, Winner/Miss Friendship Ambassador 2014 Jessica Ou and 2nd Runner-up Connie Chan]
*Image courtesy of Fionna Sze
Winner/Miss Friendship Ambassdor 2014 - #10 區思敏 Jessica Ou
1st Runner-up/Miss Friendship Ambassador 2015 - #9 張羽琪 Jennifer Zhang
2nd Runner-up - #5 陳之瑩 Connie Chan
Miss Photogenic - #10 區思敏  Jessica Ou
Audience Choice Award - #9 張羽琪 Jennifer Zhang
Miss Congeniality - #8  劉雨晴 Claire Liu
Top 5 - #1 伍佩俐 Victoria Ng, #6 林寶恩 Alice Lam
*Information courtesy of Fionna Sze
2013 Miss Astro Chinese International
[Left to right: 4th r-u: Angelica Yap, 1st r-u: Fancy Goh, winner: Zhiny Ong, 2nd r-u: Erica Tan and 3rd r-u: Carol Ong]
*Image courtesy of
The 2013 Miss Astro Chinese International pageant took place on November 2.  In the end, one of the
favorites, Zhiny Ong took the title while also bagging the Miss Body Beautiful and Miss Photogenic
awards.  Another favorite Fancy Goh finished as 1st runner-up.  Zhiny will represent Kuala Lumpur
at the upcoming Miss Chinese International pageant in Hong Kong.  Last year's representative, Denise
Tan is the reigning 1st runner-up.
Miss Astro Chinese International 2013 - Zhiny Ong 黃之豫 (Miss Photogenic, Miss Body Beautiful)
1st Runner-up - Fancy Goh 吳胤婷
2nd Runner-up - Erica Tan  陳秋萍
3rd Runner-up - Carol Ong  王鈳媃 (Miss Best Talent)
4th Runner-up - Angelica Yap  葉小慶
Miss Friendship - Charlotte Tan  陳美婷
Best Smile - Roselind Gan  顏慧芬
2013 Miss Perú Tusán
*Image courtesy of
The Miss Peru Tusan pageant was held on October 26th and in the end,
Pierina Wong Mori impressed the judges with her elegance and charisma from a field
of 18 beautiful contestants and walked away
with the title of Miss Peru Tusan 2013.  A well deserved victory, Pierina was Chinese Pageant Page's
choice for the crown.  She is 23 and a student in international business. Miss Peru Tusan has the mission of
spreading the values of the Chinese culture and strengthening ties between China and Peru. Currently
10% of Peruvians is of Chinese descent. It is uncertain if
she will represent Lima at the upcoming Miss Chinese Interational pageant in Hong Kong or not.
Miss Peru Tusan -  Pierina Wong Mori
1a Finalista- Maple Sam Wang (Miss Elegancia)
2a Finalista - Rocio Jhong Gonzáles
3a Finalista - Carmen Yong Li (Miss Simpatia / Congeniality)
4a Finalista - Rebeca Aguilar Chaw (Miss Fotogenia / Photogenic)
Miss Actitud (Attitude) - Natalie Yi Falconí
Miss Cabellera (Best Hair) - Natalie Yi Falconí
Miss Internet - Fatima Mateo Chau
*Information courtesy of Natalia Padilla Lui
Videos of the crowning by Willax Television.
Gallery of Past Miss Chinese Montreal winners
2014 Miss Chinese Montreal Pageant
Gala Annuel de Mademoiselle Chinoise de Montreal
 The 2014 Miss Chinese Montreal Pageant celebrates it's 30th annual pageant.  The event took place Saturday, October 19th at the Holiday Inn Select in Montreal.  7 contestants will vie for the title including TingLi Lucia Lorigiano, sister of Miss Chinese Montreal 2008, TingJia Rosalinda Lorigiano.
Lucia Lorigiano, Jacqueline Ng, Mila Xu
*Image courtesy of Lily Huang
Miss Chinese Montreal 2014 is Lucia Lorigiano
1st runner-up - Serina Zhang
2nd runner-up - Yu Li
Miss Friendship - Mila Xu
Following in her sister's footsteps, Lucia will go on to represent Montreal at the upcoming
Miss Chinese International pageant to be held around late Jan/early Feb in Hong Kong.  This is not the first
time sisters have competed at Miss Chinese International, here are some from the past:

The famous Pedruco sisters from Macau: (Guilhermina-89, Geraldina-96, Guiomar-97)

The Chang sisters from Brisbane: (Debbie-02, Shirley-03)

The Lu sisters from Johannesburg: (Ina-06, Ivy-07)

and now the Lorigiano sisters from Montreal: (Rosalinda-08, Lucia-14)
[2nd R-up, Wu Tong/Winner, Hu Peiling/1st R-up, Yao Peipei]

 冠軍/Miss Zhujiang 2013 ③胡佩玲 Hu Peiling
 亞軍/1st Runner-up
①姚佩佩 Yao Peipei
 季軍/2nd Runner-up
⑤吳  彤 Wu Tong
 友誼小姐/Miss Friendship
⑨李承柱 Lee Seung Joo
 旅遊大使/Tourism Ambassador
①姚佩佩 Yao Peipei
 最佳人氣獎/Miss Popularity
③胡佩玲 Hu Peiling
 最靚肌膚獎/Best Skin
①姚佩佩 Yao Peipei
 最上鏡小姐/Miss Photogenic
⑧劉雪沁 Liu Xueqin
 最具智慧小姐/Miss Intelligence
②張瀟月 Zhang Xiaoyue
 五強/Top 5 Finalist
⑨李承柱 Lee Seung Joo
 五強/Top 5 Finalist
⑪鳳  莉 Feng Li

2013 Miss Zhujiang is 20 year-old Hu Peiling of Guangzhou.  Hu was crowned on Sept. 26th and stands 1.72 meters tall and will represent Foshan at the 2014 Miss Chinese International pageant in Hong Kong.
1st Runner-up Yao Peipei is from Foshan where the pageant was held.  
2nd Runner-up Wu Tong is originally from Jilin province.
Heavy favorite #9 Lee Seung Joo from Korea finished in the Top 5.

Contestant Profiles


Miss Chinese Seattle 2013 came to a conclusion on Sept. 7 at the Westminster Center in Bellevue. #9 Ka Man Lee wowed the judges with her rendition of "I Dreamed A Dream" from Les Mis and was crowned the winner.  Ka Man will represent Seattle at Miss Chinatown USA 2014 and Miss Chinese International 2014.  Both pageants are likely to be held around the same time so a runner-up will probably be sent to whichever pageant Ka Man isn't sent to.

Miss Chinese Seattle 2013 - #9 Ka Man Lee
1st Princess - #2 Diana Chen
2nd Princess - #5 Tiffany Du
Miss Talent - #10 Tanya Chan
Miss Congeniality - #3 Michelle Cheung


2013 Miss Chinese Seattle Scholarship Pageant
[L to R, 2nd Princess Tiffany Du, Miss Chinese Seattle 2013 Ka Man Lee and 1st Princess Diana Chen]
Images courtesy of Seattle Chinese Chamber of Commerce
2013 Miss Chinese New Zealand 紐西蘭華裔小姐競選
The Final was held on Sept. 14 at the Trusts Arena in Auckland.  In the end the winner was #12 Erica He.  
Erica is 25, born in Xinjiang, China.  She is a student and will represent Auckland at Miss Chinese International 2014 in Hong Kong.
1st RU/Miss Photogenic - #1 宣思余 Amy Xuan
Miss Chinese NZ 2013 - #12 何雨蔚 Erica He
2nd RU - #5 鄭  藝 Jessica Zheng

Miss Chinese NZ - ⑫何雨蔚 Erica He
1st Runner-up - ①宣思余 Amy Xuan
2nd Runner-up - ⑤鄭藝 Jessica Zheng
Miss Photogenic - ①宣思余 Amy Xuan
Miss Charm - ⑫何雨蔚 Erica He
Miss Vitality - ⑨梁瑞心 Ancus Leung
Miss Modern Style - ⑩劉雅齡 Linda Liu
Miss Friendship - ⑥孫平辰子 Cherry Sun
Top 5 Finalist - ⑨梁瑞心 Ancus Leung
Top 5 Finalist - ⑪高夢竹 Cara Gao

The 2013 Miss Hong Kong pageant, due to last year's server crash fiasco in which viewers' votes in the end did not count revealed the scores of each contestants given by the judges and from the viewers' votes to ensure that it would deemed fair.  The outcome pleased the judges and viewers alike as the Top 3 were placed the same by both.  Heavy favorite #17 Grace Chan won by a large margin and will represent Hong Kong at Miss Chinese International 2014 and Miss World 2014.  Either Sisley Choi or Moon Lau will represent Hong Kong at Miss International 2014. 
Miss Hong Kong 2014 - #17 Grace Chan
1st Runner-up - #15 Sisley Choi
2nd Runner-up - #6 Moon Lau
4th Place - #9 Virginia Lau
5th Place - #20 Vicky Chan
6th Place - #1 Kendy Cheung
7th Place - #7 Acca Sum
8th Place - #13 Tammy Ou-yang
9th Place - #12 Karen Leung
10th Place - #16 Peggy Tsui
Miss Photogenic - #17 Grace Chan
Miss Friendship - #13 Tammy Ou-yang
Miss Tourism Ambassador - #17 Grace Chan
Miss Popularity - #20 Vicky Chan
Miss Popularity - #17 Grace Chan
Miss Media Elect - #17 Grace Chan
 2013 Miss Hong Kong 香港小姐競選
[L to R, 1st Runner-up Sisley Choi, Miss HK 2013 Grace Chan, 2nd Runner-up Moon Lau]
2014 Miss Chinatown Hawaii/Hawaii Chinese 
夏威夷 / 檀香山華埠小姐
 The Final was held on August 31 at the Hawaii Theater in Honolulu.
2 Queens were crowned that night,  Jessica Cheng was named 
Miss Chinatown Hawaii and will go on to compete at Miss Hawaii
(America) 2015 and Jessalyn Lau was named Miss Hawaii Chinese
and will go on to compete at Miss Chinatown USA 2014.
1st Princess went to Tracey Zhang.  The rest were named as princesses.

MISS CHINATOWN HAWAII (bottom row 3rd from left) - Jessica Cheng
MISS HAWAII CHINESE (bottom row 2nd from left) - Jessalyn Lau
1st PRINCESS (bottom row far right) - Tracey Zhang

Princess (back left) - Tracy Wong
Princess (back right) - Erica Li Thomas
Princess (bottom left) - Maggie Liu

2013 Miss Chinese New York Results - Maggie Zhang wins title
IMAGE CREDIT :   Peter Cai Photography

 冠軍/Miss NY Chinese 2014
⑭張雨晴 Maggie Zhang
 亞軍/1st Runner-up
③孫小雪 Michelle Keszuba
 季軍/2nd Runner-up
⑩楊  倩 Qian Yang
 最佳個人才藝表演獎/Miss Talent
③孫小雪 Michelle Kaszuba
 最佳上鏡獎/Miss Photogenic
③孫小雪 Michelle Kaszuba
 最佳體態蔣/Miss Best Posture
⑭張雨晴 Maggie Zhang
 友誼小姐獎/Miss Congeniality
④李勤香 Tracy Li
 五強/Top 5 Finalist
⑨張子柔 Crystal Zhang
 五強/Top 5 Finalist
⑬劉安妮 Anni Liu

The 2013 Miss New York Chinese pageant came to a conclusion in the wee hours of August 18th at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.  The 14 Finalists battled it out in swimsuits, gowns, cheongsams and talent.  In the end, 21 year-old  Maggie Zhang impressed the judges with her height and beauty and her "Single Ladies" dance number during the talent segment and was crowned the winner and will represent New York at Miss Chinese International 2014 in Hong Kong.  1st Runner-up (left) was Michelle Keszuba and 2nd Runner-up went to Qian Yang.

2013 Miss New York Chinese Finalist Profiles


The 2013 Miss China Town Philippines was held at the Newport Performing Arts Center on June 30.  The director of the pageant was former Miss Chinatown herself Alexis Go (who was a Top 11 Finalist at Miss Chinese International 2008).  The winner was Rolini Lim Pineda who also took the award for Best in Long Gown.  Rolini is a student studying Interior Design and stands 5'7" tall.  She will represent Manila at the 2014 Miss Chinese International pageant in Hong Kong.  1st Runner-up was Maricon Cho who also took home the Miss Congeniality and Best in Swimsuit awards.  2nd Runner-up was Michelle Sy.

[L to R, Miss Talent Han Jiang, 2nd Princess Sandra Shyi, Miss Chinatown Houston 2013 Karen Li, Miss Chinese New Year Kathy Wei, Miss Popularity Melissa Chan, Jessica King and Miss Congeniality Sarah Ip]

The 43rd annual Miss Chinatown Houston Scholarship pageant took place on August 3rd at the JW Marriott-Galleria.  7 contestants took the stage (Elizabeth Fung withrew from the pageant) and in the end, contestant #6 Karen Li was crowned the winner.  Karen is a 17 year-old student at Cypress Falls High.   She was the representative from Texas in the 2013 USA Biology Olympiad, scored a perfect 2400 on her SAT's last year and the captain of her high school's tennis team.  Miss Chinese New Year (1st Princess) went to #4 Kathy Wei and 2nd Prnicess was #5 Sandra Shyi. Best in Talent went to #3 Han Jiang and the newly created award Fan Favorite Miss Popularity went to #7 Melissa Chan.  #1 Sarah Ip was voted by the other contestants as Miss Congeniality.
The pageant concluded on July 14th at the Star Events Center.  20 year-old student Phyllis Dai was crowned the winner and will represent Sydney at Miss Chinese International 2014 in Hong Kong.  1st Runner-up was #3 Annie Liu and 2nd Runner-up was #1 Monika Lee.

              FULL RESULTS:           
Miss Sydney Chinese 2013 - #7 Phyllis Dai
1st Runner-up - #3 Annie Liu
2nd Runner-up - #1 Monika Lee
Miss Photogenic - #7 Phyllis Dai
Miss Friendship - #11 Edith Chow
Miss Charitable - #1 Monika Lee
Top 6 Finalists - #2 Melody Wu, #11 Edith Chow, #12 Sarah Zhu


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