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Miss Astro Chinese International 2016 Results
The Finals to were held on October 29th.  The slogan this year is "Not Just A Pageant Girl".  In the end, heavy favorite #1 Serene Lim of Slim River, Perak took the crown and will represent Malaysia (as Miss Kuala Lumpur) at the 2017 Miss Chinese International to be held in her home country of Malaysia at the Arena of Stars in Genting Highlands.
Serene is a 20 year-old University student studying nutrition. She stands 1.68m tall and will be one of the favorites for the crown at Miss Chinese International.  
(From left: 1st Runner-up Jacqueline Tiang, Winner Serene Lim & 2nd Runner-up Bella Chee)
Miss Gorgeous - Home Viewer's Choice
Serene Lim
Images courtesy of Miss Astro Chinese International
冠軍 / Miss Astro Chinese International 2016 - #1  林宣妤 Serene Lim Shyi Yee
亞軍 / 1st Runner-up - #2  程愛玲 Jacqueline Tiang Ai Ling
季軍 / 2nd Runner-up - #8 徐苑綺 Bella Chee Yuen Chi
殿軍 / 3rd Runner-up -  #6 蘇凱璇 Kendra Sow Khai Syuan
全民女神 / Miss Gorgeous - #1  林宣妤 Serene Lim Shyi Yee
完美體態小姐 / Miss Body Beautiful - #2  程愛玲 Jacqueline Tiang Ai Ling
最上鏡小姐 / Miss Photogenic -  #1  林宣妤 Serene Lim Shyi Yee

Miss Chinese Vancouver 2016 Finalists
Prenda Wang
Irene Cheng
Cecilia Pan
Maria Rincon
Maggie Yu
Venessa Li
Sherry Xue
Katrina Shi
Phoebe Kut
Lily Wong
Images courtesy of Miss Chinese Vancouver / Fairchild TV
#4 Maria Rincon
#7 Sherry Xue
#2 Irene Cheng

Miss Hong Kong wins Miss International ASIA award
Miss Hong Kong Kelly Yeuk Lam Chan wins the Miss International ASIA award at Miss International!
The award is the equivalent of the Miss Friendship award but for each continent.  Miss International was held on October 27th 
at the Tokyo Dome.  Miss Philippines emerged as the winner with Australia, Indonesia, Nicaragua & USA as the runner-ups.

Miss Grand Macau makes history!
Hio Man Chan during the Top 10 Speech portion.
Hio Man looking radiant in the evening gown competition.

Miss Grand Macau Hio Man Chan is the first person ever from Macau to make Top 10 at Miss Grand International or any other big international pageant for that matter.
Congratulations Hio Man on your remarkable achievement!  The contest was held on October 25 in Las Vegas and was ultimately won by Miss Indonesia.  1st Runner-up, Miss Philippines Nicole Cordoves was also Miss Chinatown Philippines 2014.

Miss Montreal Chinese 2017

The 2017 Miss Montreal Chinese Pageant took place on October 15th at the Holiday Inn Chinatown Montreal.  8 Contestants vied for the title and in the end, #11 Alice Zhang took the crown.  Alice is 20 years old, born in Beijing, and stands 1.69m tall, she is a university student and speaks English and Putonghua.  She will represent Montreal at the 2017 Miss Chinese International pageant which will be held (which was recently announced by TVB) at Genting Highlands in Malaysia.  This is where the annual Miss Astro Chinese International pageant is held. *Note, the 2nd Runner-up Alexandra An previously competed at Miss China Universe 2013 which was won by Jin Ye.
Miss Montreal Chinese 2017 - ⑪張高瑀 Alice Zhang
1st Runner-up -  ⑩陳思 Si Chen
2nd Runner-up -  ③安晟東 Alexandra An
Miss Congeniality -  ⑩陳思 Si Chen

Miss Australia Chinese 2016 Results
The Grand Final was held on October 5th at the Star Event Centre in Sydney.  In the end, #11 Emily Yu took the the crown along with 4 other subsidiary awards.
Second place went to #8 Gloria Rong who also nabbed the Miss Photogenic, Miss Charm awards along with 2 other awards.  Both Gloria & Emily will represent
Australia at the 2017 Miss Chinese International pageant in Hong Kong (with one competing as Miss Sydney and the other as Miss Melbourne).
2nd Runner-up Krystal Ma
Miss Australia Chinese Emily Yu
1st Runner-up Gloria Rong

Miss Australia Chinese Champion 澳洲華裔小姐冠軍 -
⑪于欣卉 Emily Yu
1st Runner-up 澳洲華裔小姐亞軍 -
⑧戎 瑀 Gloria Rong
2nd Runner-up 澳洲華裔小姐季軍 -
⑥馬 晨 Krystal Ma
Top 5 Finalists 五強 -
①陳泓宇 Veronica Chen
⑩余曉薇 Jocelyn Yee
Miss Photogenic 最上鏡小姐 -
⑧戎 瑀 Gloria Rong
Miss Congeniality 友誼小姐 -
③姜芷君 Elizabeth Keung
Miss Online Popularity 網上最受歡迎佳麗 -
⑦王菲 Sophie Wang Porter
Miss Ozwear Ugg 最具魅力獎 -
⑧戎 瑀 Gloria Rong
(Miss Media Popularity) 媒體投選最受歡迎佳麗 -
⑪于欣卉 Emily Yu
Miss Enchanting 最佳氣質獎 -
⑪于欣卉 Emily Yu
(Miss Costume Interpretation) 最佳服飾演繹獎 -
⑧戎 瑀 Gloria Rong
(Miss Health Ambassador) 養生保健大使 -
⑧戎 瑀 Gloria Rong
(Miss Weixin Popularity) 我最喜愛佳麗 -
①陳泓宇 Veronica Chen
(Miss Home Beauty) 最佳美化家居獎 -
③姜芷君 Elizabeth Keung
(Brand Foods Ambassador) 美食品牌大使 -
①陳泓宇 Veronica Chen
Miss Charity 慈善小姐 -
⑪于欣卉 Emily Yu
Women's Leadership Award, Gold 非凡女性領導潛力獎金獎 -
Women's Leadership Award, Silver 非凡女性領導潛力獎銀獎 -
Women's Leadership Award, Bronze 非凡女性領導潛力獎銅獎 -
⑦王菲 Sophie Wang Porter
⑪于欣卉 Emily Yu
②郝蘊晴 Evelyn Hao
(Images courtesy of TVB Australia / Miss Australia Chinese / mmip)

2016 Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant Finalists' Profiles
The 2016 Miss Chinese Toronto will take place on November 18th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.
The winner will represent Toronto at the 2017 Miss Chinese International pageant in Hong Kong.
#9 Cassandra Cheung, #3 Gloria Li, #1 Nicole Deng
Images courtesy of Miss Chinese Toronto / Fairchild TV
Nicole Deng
23 | 5'3"
Vincy Leung
28 | 5'4"
Gloria Li
24 | 5'4"
Linda Liu
24 | 5'6"
Sally Wang
20 | 5'9"
Victoria Wong
26 | 5'7"
Jessie Chau
25 | 5'6"
⑧孫 瑞
Rui Sun
22 | 5'4"
Cassandra Cheung
22 | 5'3"
Samantha Koo
24 | 5'1"

Miss Zhujiang Results
2016 珠江形像大使

The 11th annual Miss Zhujiang (Foshan) pageant was held on Sept. 17 at the Foshan TV studios.  In the end 21-year old student from Wuhan
Mingzi Li won the crown along with the Miss Friendship award.  She will represent Foshan (probably as Miss Wuhan) at the 2017 Miss Chinese
International pageant in Hong Kong.  Her runner-ups were Zhou Ou & Xiaoling Huang.
(Image credit:
Miss Zhujiang - ⑧李明子 Lǐ Míngzi
1st Runner-up - ③區 舟 Ou Zhōu
2nd Runner-up - ⑤黃曉玲 Huáng Xiǎolíng
Miss Photogenic - ④秦 思 Qín Sī
Most Intelligent Award - ⑦李宜霏 Lǐ Yífēi
Miss Popularity - ①劉奕孜 Liú Yìzī
Charitable Ambassador - ⑩黃綺恬 Huáng Qǐtián
Miss Friendship - ⑧李明子 Lǐ Míngzi
Noble Ambassador - ③區 舟 Ou Zhōu
Best transformation award - ④秦 思 Qín Sī
Rounding out the Top 5 - 
①劉奕孜 Liú Yìzī, ②郭蒙恩 Guō Méng'ēn
For more pictures and complete results check out the Miss Zhujiang section


Miss Chinatown Hawaii 2017 crowned
The 2017 Miss Chinatown Hawaii pageant was finally held on Saturday, September 17th at the Historic Hawaii Theatre.
The pageant was originally intended for September 3rd but due hurricane weather, it had to be postponed.
 In the end Chelsie-Ann Mow was crowned Miss Chinatown Hawaii and will go on to compete at the 2017 Miss Hawaii pageant (Miss America) &
Stephanie Wang was crowned Miss Hawaii Chinese and will represent Hawaii at the 2017 Miss Chinatown USA pageant.  Stephanie won
the title of Miss Chinatown Hawaii 2 years ago.
From left: Yanna Xian / Crystal Yang / Stephanie Wang / Chelsie Mow / Nikky Ansai / Melody Kaohu
(Image courtesy of tgif / Honolulu Star Advertiser)
Miss Chinatown Hawaii Queen - Chelsie-Ann Mow
Miss Hawaii Chinese Queen - Stephanie Wang
Miss Hawaii Chinese 1st Princess - Nikky Ansai
Miss Congeniality - Crystal Yang
Miss Hawaii Chinese Princess - Melody Kaohu
Miss Hawaii Chinese Princess - Yanna Xian
Miss Popularity - Chelsie-Ann Mow
Miss Photogenic - Chelsie-Ann Mow

Miss Australia Chinese
Miss & Mister Hong Kong 2016 Results

From left:  2RU Freeyon, 1RU Karl, MrHK Jackson, MHK Crystal, 1RU Tiffany, 2RU Bonnie
The Finals for Miss Hong Kong was held on Sept. 11 at TVB City.  Mister Hong Kong was held the night before, but only announced the subsidiary awards
along with the Top 4.  The results for both Miss & Mister Hong Kong were announced together, a first in the history of the pageant.  There were no surprises
this year as all the favorites were crowned.  The only shocker was the exclusion of fireman Flow Leung from the Top 4 of the Mister part.
Crystal is 22 years old and stands 5'5" tall.  She just graduated with a degree in nutrition.  Crystal will represent Hong Kong at the 2017 Miss Chinese International pageant
to be held in January or February.
Miss Hong Kong 2016 - #6 馮盈盈 Crystal FUNG Ying Ying
Mister Hong Kong 2016 - #4  黎振燁 Jackson LAI Chun Ye
Miss Hong Kong 1st Runner-up - #2 劉穎鏇 Tiffany LAU Wing Shuen
Mister Hong Kong 1st Runner-up - #9 丁子朗 Karl TING Tse Long
Miss Hong Kong 2nd Runner-up - #7 陳雅思 Bonnie CHAN
Mister Hong Kong 2nd Runner-up -  #1 鍾君揚 Freeyon CHUNG Kwan Yeung
Miss Photogenic - #2 劉穎鏇 Tiffany LAU Wing Shuen
Mister Photogenic -  #9 丁子朗 Karl TING Tse Long
Miss Friendship - #3 張寶兒 Bowie CHEUNG Po Yee
Mister Friendship - #7 楊灌澤 Christian Evan YEUNG
Miss Popularity - (TIE)  #2 劉穎鏇 Tiffany LAU Wing Shuen / #6 馮盈盈 Crystal FUNG Ying Ying
Best Performance Award -  #1 鍾君揚 Freeyon CHUNG Kwan Yeung
Mister Popularity -  #9 丁子朗 Karl TING Tse Long
Top 4 Finalist (Miss) - #5  蘇韻姿 Andrea SO Wen Chi
Top 4 Finalist (Mister) - #5 胡  㻗 Fei WU
Mister Hong Kong Jackson Lai/Miss Hong Kong Crystal Fung
1st Runner-ups Karl Ting/Tiffany Lau
2nd Runner-ups Freeyon Chung/Bonnie Chan
Mister/Miss Friendship Christian Yeung & Bowie Cheung
Miss Photogenic Tiffany Lau
Images courtesy of Sina

Miss Chinese New Zealand 2016 Results
The 2016 Miss Chinese New Zealand pageant was held on Sept. 3rd at The Trusts Arena.  The pageant was hosted by Anderson Junior & Miss Chinese NZ 2013 Erica He.  In the end, 20 year-old student Christina Liu was crowned the winner and will represent New Zealand at Miss Chinese International 2017 (as Miss Auckland).
Miss Chinese New Zealand 2016 - #4 劉宣逸 Christina Liu 
1st Runner-up - #9 賈權 Judy Jia
2nd Runner-up - #11 常優美 Tiffany Chang
Top 5 - #5 劉佳昕 Jessie Liu , #10 田雨婷 Tia Tian
Miss Photogenic - #5 劉佳昕 Jessie Liu
Miss Friendship - #1 趙晨 Cheryl Zhao
Miss Vitality - #1 趙晨 Cheryl Zhao
Miss Charm - #4 劉宣逸 Christina Liu

Miss Chicago Chinatown 2016 Results

(Image courtesy of World Life Journal)
Miss Chicago Chinatown - #6 Victoria M. Ng
1st Princess - #3 Christine Vi
2nd Princess - #2 Jessica Lindsey Kung
Miss Congeniality - #5 Jamie Moy
Miss Photogenic - #3 Christine Vi
The 2016 Miss Chicago Chinatown pageant took place on August 13th at Furama Restaurant.  In the end, 23 year old Victoria M. Ng won the title of Miss Chicago Chinatown and will represent Chicago at the 2017 Miss Chinatown USA pageant in San Francisco.  1st Princess Christine Vi will represent Chicago at the 2018 edition of the Miss Chinatown USA pageant.


2016 Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant Results
Miss Chinese Stitch Yu flanked by 1st Runner-up Savannah Jooste (left) and Airse Jin (right).
The 2016 Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant took place on August 13th at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. 
In the end, Stitch Yu Ssu Ting took the crown along with the Miss Photogenic, Miss Internet Popularity & Best Gown awards. Stitch is no stranger to pageants as she had previously entered this same pageant back in 2012.  She is 22 years old and stands 5'7" tall and will represent New York at the 2017 Miss Chinese International pageant in Hong Kong.  1st Runner-up is mixed contestant Savannah Jooste who hails from Los Angeles.  2nd Runner-up Airse Jin is the youngest contestant in the pageant at 17.
Miss Chinese 2016 - #12 Stitch Ssu Ting Yu
1st Runner-up - #14 Savannah Jooste
2nd Runner-up - #13 Airse Jin
Miss Photogenic - #12 Stitch Yu
Miss Internet Popularity - #12 Stitch Yu 
Best Gown Award - #12 Stitch Yu  
Miss Fitness - #14 Savannah Jooste
Miss Congeniality - #2 Angela Lam
Best Cheongsam Award - #2 Angela Lam
The Top 5 in Talent -
#14 Savannah Jooste, #13 Airse Jin, #4 Delia Wang Biondo, #5 Rachel Ma, #12 Stitch Yu
(Images courtesy of

Miss & Mister Chinatown Philippines 2016 Results

The Grand Coronation Night was held at the New Performing Arts Theater in Resorts World Manila on July 31.
In the end, recording artist Shirley Mae Vy and Jan Louie Ngo were crowned Miss Chinatown Philippines and Mister Chinatown Philippines 2016 respectively.
The coronation night will be aired as TV special by ABS-CBN Sunday’s Best on Sunday, Aug. 7.
(from left: 2RU Pichie Lim, 2RU Wryan Chua, MCP Shirley Vy, MrCP Louie Ngo, 1RU Lin Zeng, 1RU Sherwin Yao, image courtesy of opmb)
Miss Chinatown Philippines 2016 - #1 Shirley Vy
1st Runner-up - #15 Lin Zeng
2nd Runner-up - #4 Pichie Lim
Mister Chinatown Philippines 2016 - #5 Louie Ngo
1st Runner-up - #3 Sherwin Yao
2nd Runner-up - #1 Wryan Chua
Miss Oriental - #1 Shirley Vy
Best in Formal Wear -  #13 Leitz Ang
Best in Formal Wear - #12 Benedict Siao
Miss Philippine Airlines - #4 Pichie Lim
Mister Philippines Airlines - #3 Sherwin Yao
Miss Shimmian - #13 Leitz Ang
Mister Shimmian - #1 Wryan Chua
Miss Congeniality - #14 Katrina Go
Mister Congeniality - #10 Nelson Lin
Miss Photogenic - #3 Eunice Rogando
Mister Photogenic - #5 Louie Ngo
Best in Swimwear - #1 Shirley Mae Vy
Best in Swimwear - #5 Jan Louie Ngo
Best in Culture Costume - #11 Trisha Dy
Best in Culture Costume - #6 Don Kim

Best in Talent - #9 Shireen Rosales
Swimwear & Fashion Show
 July 20th at Chaos, City of Dreams Manila
Top 3 Miss in Swimwear - #1 Shirley Vy, #4 Pichie Lim, #13 Leitz Ang
Top 3 Mister in Swimwear - #1 Wryan Chua, #5 Louie Ngo, #11 Richmond Balila
Status Hair Salon Ambassadress - #1 Shirley Vy
Status Hair Salon Ambassador - #15 John Chantong
Miss Chinatown Cynos - #5 Shanen Dela Cruz
Mister Chinatown Cynos - #12 Benedict Siao
Cultural Costume Competition
 July 17th at the Eastwood Central Plaza
Top 3 Miss in Cultural Costumes - #2 Mae Ng, #11 Trisha Dy, #13  Leitz Ang
Top 3 Mister in Cultural Costumes - #6 Don Kim, #10 Nelson Lin, #15 John Chantong
The Talent Competition was recently held on July 10th at the Lucky Chinatown Mall where some special awards were presented:
Mister C-Lium Fibre - #14 Brenson Go
Miss C-Lium Fibre - #9 Shireen Rosales
Mister Poten-Cee - #5 Louie Ngo
Miss Poten-Cee - #1 Shirley Vy
Top 3 Most Talented Candidates - #9 Shireen Rosales, #1 Shirley Vy, #13 Marlon Gan

(Images courtesy of Miss Chinatown Philippines Foundation)

Miss Australia Chinese (Perth Region) Results
澳洲華裔小姐競選 (珀斯賽區)
The Perth Regional Finals took place on July 24th at Life City Church in Canning Vale. 
In the end, Sophie Porter took the crown and will move on to the Grand Final.
Miss Australia Chinese Perth Region Champion - Sophie Porter 王菲
Miss Australia Chinese Perth Region 1st Runner-up - Vivian 羅慧紋
Miss Australia Chinese Perth Region 2nd Runner-up - Nikki Starlife 妮珂
Miss Talent - Kathy 王倩
Miss Photogenic - Swee 陳薰
Miss Popularity - Nancy 趙心語
#6 Sophie Porter, #12 Vivian, #8 Nancy
(Images courtesy of TVB Australia / IVISION Photography)

22 / 1.60m
Nikki Starlife
17 / 1.75m
25 / 1.66m
20 / 1.68m
黃  迪
23 / 1.67m
6  王  菲
Sophie Porter
18 / 1.75m
陳  薰
20 / 1.70m
18 / 1.70m
23 / 1.63m
Graduation Advisor
王  倩
23 / 1.65m
24 / 1.67m
12  羅慧紋
21 / 1.65m

Miss Australia Chinese (Adelaide Region) Winner
澳洲華裔小姐競選 (阿德萊德賽區)
The Adelaide Regional Finals took place some time in June at iDarts Adelaide.  The judges picked #3 Jasmine 羅婷婷 as the winner.  Jasmine moves on to the Grand Final
to be held in October.
Jasmine Luo

(Images courtesy of TVB Australia)

#1 盧 蕾
25 / 1.59m
#2 高藝雋
23 / 1.69m
#3 羅婷婷
22 / 1.685m
#4 李 媛
19 / 1.70m
#5 林迺芸
27 / 1.70m

Miss Australia Chinese (Brisbane Region) Winner
澳洲華裔小姐競選 (布里斯班賽區)
The Brisbane Regional Finals have been held, the judges picked Elizabeth Keung out of a field of 8 contestants.  Elizabeth is 22, stands 1.68m tall, enjoys sports and speaks English & Cantonese. Elizabeth will move on as Brisbane's rep at the Grand Finals.
Elizabeth Keung

Miss Chinatown Houston Finalists
The theme for this year's pageant is 'Super heroes - Women of power'.  The pageant took place on July 23rd at the Royal Sonesta Hotel. 
After competing in swimsuit, talent and Q&A, the judges picked #3 Karen Lynn Yang as the new Miss Chinatown Houston.  Karen recently graduated High School and will attend Harvard University in the fall.  She will also represent Houston at the 2017 Miss Chinatown USA pageant in San Francisco.  The title of 1st Princess / Miss Chinese New Year went to #5 Irena Wan and 2nd Princess went to #7 Sue-Lynn Law while Miss Talent went to #4 Sharon Liu.
*Sections for 2009-2016 added to Miss Chintown Houston
Miss Chinatown Houston
Karen Lynn Yang
Miss Chinese New Year
Irena Wan
2nd Princess
Sue-Lynn Law
Miss Talent
Sharon Liu
You can watch the crowning here:

(Images courtesy of Chinese American Citizens Alliance Houston Lodge / Alvin Gee Photography)
Sue-Lynn Law

劉  珣
Sharon Liu

Kim Nguyen

Orilla Shen

Irena Wan

Lizi Xiong

Karen Lynn Yang


Miss Australia Chinese (Sydney Region) 18 Finalists
澳洲華裔小姐競選 (悉尼賽區)
The Sydney Regional Finals took place on August 1st at The Concourse, Chatswood. In the end, #9 Daisy Zhang took the top spot.
The top 3 winners will advance to the Miss Australia Chinese Grand Finals.
Miss Chinese Australia Sydney Regional Champion - #9 Daisy Zhang
1st Runner-up - #12 Emily Yu
2nd Runner-up - #1 Jenny Leung
Top 5 Finalists - #8 Evelyn Hao, #14 Jennifer Chen
Miss Photogenic - #12 Emily Yu
Miss Talent - #17 Tina Tong
Health Ambassador - #14 Jennifer Chen
Travel Ambassador - #5 Hannah Cen
Miss Vitality - #1 Jenny Leung
Jessica Moran, Emily, Jennifer Chen
(Images courtesy of TVB Australia / Sydphotos Photography)
1 粱致欣
Jenny Leung
22 / 1.59m / 46 kg

Birthplace:  Australia
Occupation:  Student
Talents:  Piano
Favorite Sport:  Swimming
Ambition:  To travel the world

2 燕雪霏
Lexi Yan
26 / 1.62m / 47 kg

Birthplace:  Taiyuan, China
Occupation:  Finance Accountant
Talents:  Dancing, Painting
Favorite Sports:  Swimming, Badminton
Ambition:  To become a modern independent woman with confidence and temperament

3 包一帆
Rita Bao
22 / 1.63m / 46 kg

Birthplace:  Jiangsu, China
Occupation:  Student
Talents:  Dancing, Piano, Singing
Favorite Sports:  Swimming
Ambition:  To become an independent, confident woman full of positive energy, transmit good beauty

4 楊瀞瑄
Linda Yang
25 / 1.69m / 48 kg

Birthplace:  Shenyang, China
Occupation:  Student
Talents:  Dancing, Singing
Favorite Sports:  Hiking, Badminton, Table tennis
Ambition:  To be healthy and happy everyday

5 岑 琦
Hannah Cen
? / 1.66m / 55 kg

Birthplace:  Dalian, China
Occupation:  Student
Talents:  Cello, Singing
Favorite Sports:  Swimming
Ambition:  To be an all encompassing artiste, develop towards being a singer, actress and host

6 周雨瀟
Nicole Zhou
26 / 1.63m / 55 kg

Birthplace:  Henan, China
Occupation:  Student
Talents:  Dancing
Favorite Sports:  Running
Ambition:  To run my own business

7 董雷蕾
Lydia Dong
22 / 1.72m / 50 kg

Birthplace:  Shenyang, China
Occupation:  Student
Talents:  Pipa, Improvisation paper cutting
Favorite Sports:  Working out, Jogging
Ambition:  Hope to become a good teacher, to bring education and laughter to children

8 郝蘊晴
Evelyn Hao
23 / 1.68m / 53 kg

Birthplace:  Xi'an, China
Occupation:  Student
Talents:  Piano, Singing, Speech
Favorite Sports:  Yoga
Ambition:  To use my job as a doctor in the future to have a positive influence in the world

9 張桐綺
Daisy Zhang
23 / 1.72m / 52 kg

Birthplace:  Xinjiang, China
Occupation:  Student
Talents:  Dancing, Piano
Favorite Sports:  Extreme sports
Ambition:  To become an outstanding artiste

10 李 妮
Jessica Lini Moran
25 / 1.73m / 58 kg

Birthplace:  Australia
Occupation:  Special Assistant
Talents:  Piano, Dancing, Drawing
Favorite Sports:  Mountain climbing, Tennis
Ambition:  To have my own business, travel the world, to be a happy and healthy person

11 董思思
25 / 1.75m / 53 kg

Birthplace:  Nanjing, China
Occupation:  Mechanical Engineer
Talents:  Cooking, Baking, Working out
Favorite Sports:  Swimming, Running, Strength training
Ambition:  To design a house for myself

12 于欣卉
Emily Yu
25 / 1.69m / 53 kg

Birthplace:  Dalian, China
Occupation:  Accountant
Talents:  Dancing
Favorite Sports:  Swimming, Skiing, Working out
Ambition:  Hope through starting my own business that I realize my self worth
13 王 子
Mayana Jolin Kingscliff
18 / 1.67m / 54 kg

Birthplace:  Hong Kong
Occupation:  Student
Talents:  Reciting, Pole dancing
Favorite Sports:  Badminton, Skiing
Ambition:  To become a successful entrepreneur

14 陳嘉琳
Jennifer Chen
18 / 1.66m / 53 kg

Birthplace:  Australia
Occupation:  Student
Talents:  Piano
Favorite Sports:  Rock climbing
Ambition:  Hope to develop in marketing after graduating college

15 趙墨瀚
Elaine Zhao
19 / 1.65m / 55 kg

Birthplace:  Hebei, China
Occupation:  Student
Talents:  Photography, Singing, Performing
Favorite Sports:  Running, Badminton, Swimming
Ambition:  To become an actress

16 黃 丹
23 / 1.68m / 45 kg

Birthplace:  Changchun, China
Occupation:  Student
Talents:  Drawing
Favorite Sports:  Yoga
Ambition:  Hope to have excellent results in this competition

17 童恬恬
Tina Tong
24 / 1.63m / 43 kg

Birthplace:  Zhejiang, China
Occupation:  Student
Talents:  Taekwondo
Favorite Sports:  Taekwondo, Running
Ambition:  Hope through this competition that I discover rigid beauty to share with all

18 雪 梨
Sydney Ramos
20 / 1.57m / 44 kg

Birthplace:  Australia
Occupation:  Student
Talents:  Singing, Modeling
Favorite Sports:  Running
Ambition:  Hope to launch my own business after finishing law school


Mister Hong Kong 2016 Top 10 Finalists

Only 10 of the 14 contestants will advance to the Finals, several days ago, Tony Wong withdrew from the competition due to health concerns.  The 3 contestants that were eliminated were:  Kent Kan, Ambrose Leung and Andoni Usubiaga which comes as a bit of a surprise.
The top 10 line up in order of their newly designated numbers.
The 3 eliminated contestants (from left): Andoni, Ambrose & Kent.
Flow Leung, Jackson Lai, Freeyon Chung
(Images courtesy of TVB,  Fairchild TV)
#1  鍾君揚
Freeyon Chung

#2  麥凱程
Alex Mak

#3  梁裕恆
Flow Leung

#4  黎振燁
Jackson Lai

#5  胡  㻗
Fei Wu

#6  馬俊傑
Linus Ma
#7  楊灌澤
Christian Yeung
#8  伍禮騫
Thomas Ng
#9  丁子朗
Karl Ting
#10  梁賢基
Jeffrey Leung
Kent Kan
Ambrose Leung
Andoni Usubiaga

Tony Wong
Karl Ting
18 / 5'10.25"
Project Boyz Power (Tor)
Andoni Usubiaga
20 / 5'9"
Project Boyz Power (Vanc)
Freeyon Chung
26 / 5'9.25"
Project Boyz Power (Tor)
Jeffrey Leung
20 / 5'7.5"
Project Boyz Power (Vanc)
Christian Yeung
19 / 5'10.5"
Project Boyz Power (Tor)
1st Runner-up

The Tai Sisters of the pageant world.
I am sure many of you have heard of the famous Pedruco sisters, in which all 4 sisters have won the title of Miss Macau.  But before the Pedrucos,
there is a another group of sisters (8 in all) who have quite made a name for themselves in the Miss Chinatown (USA) circuit.  The Tai sisters come
from very musically inspired parents who have named the daughters after the music scale. The eldest daughter is named DoDo and her 7 younger sisters that
followed: ReRe, MiMi, FaFa, SoSo, LaLa, Sisi....and for the 8th daughter, her name is Octavia (hence forming an octave).  As for SoSo, SiSi or Octavia,
I am not sure if they competed in pageants or not.
DoDo Tai
1961 Narcissus Queen 4th Princess
Miss Chinatown USA 1962 1st Princess
MiMi Tai
Miss Chinatown New York 1963
Miss Chinatown USA 1964 2nd Princess
ReRe Tai
Miss Chinatown New York 1964
FaFa Tai
Miss Chinatown USA 1968 4th Princess
Another pic of ReRe Tai.
LaLa Tai
1969 Narcissus Queen
A lineup of 5 of the sisters, from left: DoDo, FaFa, ReRe, LaLa, SoSo.

Miss Australia Chinese (Melbourne Region) Contestants
澳洲華裔小姐競選 (墨爾本賽區) 佳麗
The Melbourne Regional Finals took place on July 28th at the Royal Exhibition Building.  
Gloria Rong was crowned as Melbourne's champion.
The top 3 winners will advance to the Miss Australia Chinese Grand Finals.
(from left):  Krystal Ma, Gloria Rong , Veronica Chen
Miss Chinese Australia Melbourne Regional Champion - #7 Gloria Rong
1st Runner-up - #4 Veronica Chen
2nd Runner-up - #15 Krystal Ma
Miss Photogenic - #8 Amanda Li
Best Hairstyle - #16 Jennifer Liu
Best Makeup - #5 Yuki Peng
Miss Friendship - #3 Sherry Pan
Miss Charitable - #14 Mandy Huang
Miss Popularity - #5 Yuki Peng
Best Talent - #13 Shirley Shen
Cuisine Ambassador- #1 Jocelyn  Yu
Trend Ambassador - #4 Veronica Chen
Skin Ambassador - #9 Vanessa Wang
Miss  Temperament - #16 Jennifer Liu

Gloria, Angelina, Sophia
(Images courtesy of TVB Australia)

白 卉
23 / 1.68m
<eliminated before Final>
李 茜
Amanda Li
25 / 1.75m
Angelina Luo
22 / 1.73m
華 卉
25 / 1.67m
<eliminated before Final>
戎 瑀
Gloria Rong
20 / 1.73m
Jennifer Liu
24 / 1.68m
Jiayi Shi
19 / 1.69m
Jocelyn Yu
26 / 1.67m
馬 晨
Krystal Ma
23 / 1.68m
張 琳
22 / 1.75m
<eliminated before Final>
黃 蓉
Mandy Huang
23 / 1.69m
邢 琪
23 / 1.70m

<eliminated before Final>
史 諾
Rachel Shi
21 / 1.74m
潘 婭
Sherry Pan
23 / 1.69m
沈 方
Shirley Shen
19 / 1.70m
Sophia Li
19 / 1.67m
Sphinx Zhang
23 / 1.72m
Vanessa Wang
27 / 1.77m
Veronica Chen
18 / 1.67m
Yuki Peng
21 / 1.68m

Miss Dragon 2016
The 2016 Miss Dragon pageant took place on June 18th  in the Jardins de l’hôtel de ville de Papeete. In the end, Karen Yeou-Vanquin (center) took top honors and was crowned Miss Dragon.  Karen will represent Tahiti at the 2017 Miss Chinese International pageant in Hong Kong.  1st Runner-up went to Evaina Ly who was very emotional all evening while sporting the sweetest smile.  2nd Runner-up went to the very talented Reva Wong who impressed with a traditional Tahitian dance.  Karen is one of the stronger contestants Tahiti will send, she should fare well at Miss Chinese International (Evaina Ly would fare well too for that matter).

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